Family Assistance for May 2014.…. It is because of your generosity and continued support that we were able to financially assist 5 families last month totaling just over $3500. Our assistance varies each month because we feel it is important to help out the family or families with whatever their specific need is at the time. Last month we helped a family from Texas with a Walmart gas gift card so she could get her daughter to a much needed MRI at a hospital over 400 miles away from her home. We are happy to report that her tumor is stable. We had the pleasure of being able to give a 5 yr old boy from NH a very special birthday party which included a place to hold it, all the decorations and favors, a beautiful cake and his dream car! I have had the honor of meeting him and his Mom a couple of times now at the Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston and they truly are so loving & kind. I will be posting pictures of his party in it’s own album soon. We have also helped a family from South Carolina with rent, a car payment and utility bill. A family from South Texas via their social worker at the hospital with a Valero gas gift card and Walgreen gift card and lastly a family from West Springfield, MA, who I hope to meet at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, with a Stop n Shop gift card, a rent payment and a Mobil gas gift card. My plan is to visit the Jimmy Fund Clinic at least once a month. Spending time with families and meeting with our Resource Specialists that keep us connected with the families that are most in need. It truly is a special place. This week I took my niece Crystalle with me, as she has shown interest in volunteering there. In her own words “Visiting The Jimmy Fund today was a truly humbling experience. It is amazing to see these little kids smile through their chemo treatments and play with you no differently than any other 5 or 7 year old would. If you ever think you are having a bad day, go and visit those children. They have been dealt an absolute crap hand but are still the happiest little beings! Truly eye opening and I can't wait to go back again”

Why do we support the family financially? Because when you have to spend countless hours in clinic, the hospital or even at home taking care of your sick child you are missing work. Income decreases but expenses continue to increase. You now have the added expenses of traveling to and from treatments, parking, food while in clinic or the hospital, co pays and over the counter medicines are just a few examples. Let’s not forget that although life as they knew it stopped on the day of diagnosis, their day to day bills such as rent/ mortgage, utilities, groceries did not. They still need to get paid and from someone who has been there, they are not the greatest priority, making your child happy and trying to get them healthy again is your greatest priority. So please know that your donations are so greatly needed and appreciated.

I will be posting a 5K Update very soon … Sorry for the delay but we were still getting information put together. Jim and I will be attending the Senior Awards Night at BMR tonight and I would like to include the recipient of the 3rd and final Cory Edward Gaudet Memorial Scholarship for 2014.

Thank you for helping us help children battling brain cancer. Big Hugs, Much Love & God Bless

Teresa & Jim Gaudet