5K Team Fundraising Update

  Blackstone Millville Regional High School

  5K TEAM UPDATE: Angels Among Us (co captains Denice Lubash & Mary Faladeau) has raised $710 with it's leading fundraiser 10 yr old Eliana Jagiello raising $465, 3 of their team members have already reached $100 -Awesome Job! Running Over Cancer has raised $520 by team captain Crystalle Gaudet :-) Got Your Bak has raised $295 by team captain Tracy Bak ♥ Soulful Seven one of our newest teams has already raised $240 Captain Alicia Pickering has raised $140 but she also has another team member that has hit $100 -Keep Up the Great Work! We have another new team Hope Ahead (Captain Donna Polk) They have raised $217 with one of her team members hitting $152 already, way to go Jay! Team Dute's captain Melissa Dutremble has raised $136, Brave Hereos (Captain Lindsey Graver) has raised $70. For Tomorrow (captain Alexandra Dutremble) has raised $65 and The Nuts (Captain Tiffany Perreault) has raised $45! Other Teams that have signed up are the following! Eddie's Bagel Bunch - captain Debra Kieon, Footsteps for a Cure - captain Terri-Lynn Hart, One Step at a Time - captain Joyce Bourgeois, Cory's Cancer Crushers - captain Roxanne Ladouceur, Team Cory - captain Cynthia Crozier, Team Superman - captain Wendy Locke, Team :-) captain Angie Iacovone, John Franceschi, Denise Gray, Melanie Dumont and Dennis Berard have started forming teams but do not have a team name as of yet. To pre register click on the events tab, then follow instructions provided.   If you wish to donate on behalf of one of the above teams please click on the donate tab and follow prompts, be sure to list the team and team member you are donating on behalf of in the "special instructions to sell"

The impact we make together is far greater than what any of us could do on our own. Thank you for helping us help others.