July 2016 Financial Assistance Gifted

IMG_2253Thank you to all of you that support us by attending our events & make donations. Last month for July we were able to financially assist 5 families totaling $4,534.49.  Some of the things we helped with were medical bills not covered by insurance, mortgages and loans .  We even got to grant a little boy a wish of an Ipad. These are bills we all take for granted to be able to pay but when you have a child fighting for their life, being with them and not being able to work becomes your reality. People struggle not only emotionally but financially as well! Being able to grant a wish to one of our brave warriors is so important as well.  The purchase of an Ipad may not seem like a necessity to some but when your child has to be taken away from their siblings for treatment sometimes this becomes their way of staying in touch. Being able to face time family and friends is priceless when you are far away due to treatments. They also help pass the time when a child has to been in the hospital for hours, days, weeks or sometimes months.. In our case Cory's first gift he was given was an Ipad. To see his face light up when he received it meant the world to us. He used his Ipad daily to watch movies, play games, message friends & family and to help with his motor skills as his tumor progressed.  It eventually became his only form of communication with us when he could no longer speak and had to use an app called speech assist. These kids are all so very brave.  They are fighting for their life.  I ask that you  please take a moment to visit our Brave Warrior photo album to see some of the children you have directly  helped! Sincerely,

Teresa & Jim Gaudet

Co Founders

Cory's Crusaders, Inc.