Thank you for helping us help others

This is why we feel so strongly about what we do and why we are doing it! Today we were able to assist a family with rent & utilities for the month! Below is a message from the Mom! "Thank you again so much and tell your donors thank you one less thing to keep me up at night. If the stress of having a child with Cancer and going to Drs and being in hospitals months at a time and traveling to consults looking for a cure and watching your child sick and suffering isn't enough to give you a nervous breakdown, add to that the depleting of all your savings and wondering if you have enough to cover a bill, to not have something shut off and the reality is you wouldn't even care if your child would be cured."

On behalf of Cory's Crusaders and the families we are able to financially assist because of your continued support we Thank You!

The impact we can make together is far greater than what any of us could ever do on our own! Thank you for helping us help others. Big Hugs, Much Love & God Bless!