Where Does The Money Go? Financial Assistance For July, Aug., Sept. & Oct.

Family Assistance for July, August, September & October 2015. It is because of your generosity and continued support that we were able to financially assist 17 families during the last 4 months totaling $16,139.67 and we have provided $34,717.82 of financial assistance to our families so far this year. Our financial assistance we give varies each month depending on our family’s request. We feel it is important to help out the family or families with whatever their specific need is at the time.   Although we work directly with the Resource specialists at Boston Children's Hospital / The Jimmy Fund Clinic and Hasbro Children's Hospital, we also get applications from people that have learned of us online through the DIPG Registry, Social Media as well as Social Workers and Resources Specialists from other hospitals across the United States.

During the month of July we were able to assist a 16 yr. old young lady’s family from TX with their mortgage, a 11 year old girl’s family from SC with a utility bill and a 13 year old young girl’s family from CT with their mortgage as well as helping with some of their fuel & food costs while they are traveling daily for treatments. The total financial assistance for the month of July was $3,682.61

During the month of August we were able to assist a 5 yr. old little girl’s family from TX with a utility bill, a 6 yr. old little girl’s family from CA with fuel and food, a 2 yr. old little girls family from MA with their utilities, food & gas, an 8 yr. old little girl’s family from NY with daycare and sadly we also helped pay funeral expenses for a 17 year old from MA. The total financial assistance for the month of August was $4,898.45

During the month of September we were able to assist a 10 yr. old boy’s family with their electric bill, a 4 month old baby girl from TX with her family’s mortgage payment, a 13 yr. old boy from Ohio with his family’s rent payment, we purchased an iPad for a 3 yr. old boy in TX and we paid an insurance payment for a 6 yr. old boy’s family from MA. The total financial assistance for the month of September was $3,141.69

During the month of October we were able to assist a 6 yr. old little girl family from Ma with their mortgage payment, a 2 yr. old little boy’s family from CA with fuel and grocery assistance, a 5 yr. old boy from NY with his family’s rent payment and a 11 yr. old girl from MN with her family’s utilities. The total financial assistance for the month of October was $4,416.92

Childhood brain cancer/tumors are devastating and help is always needed for families who are battling.  They deserve to spend every single minute being with their precious child and not having to worry about day to day bills piling up. We can't thank you all enough for helping us help others. You can learn a little more about our children by visiting our photo gallery tab on our website - we have a photo album dedicated to our brave warriors, just click on their pictures to learn a little about them! It is with great sadness that I also have to share that we lost 3 of our brave warriors since my last newsletter. Bianka forever 5, Javier forever 17 and Riva forever 8. Please keep their families in your thoughts & prayers.

Funding Research... Our funding to date has been to support The Evan T. Mandeville DIPG Research Fund at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.  Evan was a fun spirited little boy who was diagnosed with DIPG in the November after Cory.  He lost his more than courageous battle a year to the day of his diagnosis on November 13, 2012, just 3 months after Cory passed away.  He was 11 years old. Like us, Tim and Aimee, Evan's parents have become very passionate with their cause, which is specific to funding research for DIPG.  We understand how unforgiving this disease is and what it means to find a cure.  Imagine if we could find a cure for the most difficult to treat and devastating brain tumor of all and what that would mean for the advancement in all cancer/tumor treatments.

Together we can make a difference in the life of a child battling brain cancer/tumors.

Teresa & Jim Gaudet